PGen 2 Change log
March 2020 - Version 1.2.3 ENHANCEMENTS:- PUNISHMENT SLIP 1. The Punishment Slip logo can be customised. 2. Additional colour options for the Punishment Slip Paper, ink and Logo canvas background. 3.  It is now possible to change the location of where the punishment slips are saved. 4.  Punishment slips can now be generated from the User Database. NEW PUNISHMENT OPTION There is a new punishment option available called "Offences Report", this is used in conjunction with a new form available in the Settings form which will allow you to set a severity level between 1 and 10 for each punishment. SELF SPANK OPTION There is now an option to select self spank. This removes any reference to a top and disables PGen2 functions for use with a partner (excluding games). This option can be found in the “Users” section of the “Settings” form.   BUG FIXES: 1. Fixed a bug that reset the items on the "punishment items" page back to the     default settings when loading different profiles. 2. Other minoR bug fixes. ADJUSTMENTS: Minor changes to the user interface.
PGen2 The Punishment Generator
Please Note:- There have been changes to the formatting of some of the configuration files. When you install Version 1.2.3 over Version 1.2.0 or are installing PGen2 for the first time the installation should go smoothly. If you are installing over a version prior to version 1.2.0 you will probably get a lot of error messages, Keep dismissing the error messages until PGen2 loads. Load the “Settings” form, again dismissing the error messages until the “Settings” screen has loaded. Click the “Save” button, then close and reload PGen2. It is strongly advised that you use the “Backup Users Data” button on the “Settings” form before upgrading PGen2 to the latest version.

If you have any problems please detail them in the forum.