PGen2 Ver Changelog

Punishment Slip
Added a "Date of Offence" field to the punishment slip.
Fixed bug where the punishment number would not increment.
Some minor cosmetic changes to the Punishment Slip GUI.
The punishment number column in the database now sorts correctly when the "Pun No" button is pressed at the top of the column.
Made slight changes to the Database form interface.
Fixed bug where punishment items were all checked after editing, now preserves user selection. 
Tests are now show on their own with out the clutter of the setup page, the logo, statistics bar and clock are all that are shown during the test and these can be removed before the test starts.
Test papers and answers can now be printed.
Major changes to the Test Paper UI to incorporate additional features.
Punishment Tracking Chart
Monthly Punishments can be tracked in the Punishment Tracking Chart. 
Manage Punishments
It is now possible to update Punishments as administered from the preview form when managing punishments. 
Generated Punishments
Resolved the issue of the target and the implement being selected at the same time (e.g. Hand, Hand). 
Extra Options Added to the Four Punishment Modules
PGen2 can now select the Location and time of the punishment as well as if the punishment will be carried out in private or public.
Extra Punishments can be selected by the Punishment Generator (this is in addition to extra sanctions).
Whether the punishment is carried out in the presence of witnesses can also be selected.
These settings are configurable, so you can input and delete your own settings as with the other punishment settings.
Made some improvements to the search interface.
Can now restore temporary databases if they haven't been deleted.
A Punishment slip can now be generated for any punishment in the database
Automatically updates old databases to incorporate the extra fields for Location, Privacy, etc... (this may take some time if the database is very big). 
User Interface
Made some improvements to the uer interface on some forms.