PGen 2 License agreement and Terms & Conditions

  1. PGen 2 is not to be used for the punishment of minors!
  2. PGen 2 is distributed for adult entertainment and enjoyment only and is not to be used with unwilling or non-consenting persons.
  3. The author does not condone the use of PGen 2 for acts of extreme violence or mutilation, and will not be held responsible of any injury that may result from the mis-use of PGen 2.
  4. You use PGen 2 at your own risk and you agree that you are responsible for the welfare of yourself and any other Users.
  5. PGen 2 is Copyright and may not be distrubuted under any other name or claim.
  6. PGen 2 is freeware and may not be distributed in any form for fee or profit.
  7. PGen 2 is distributed "As Is" and no claim against the author or distributor may be made for any loss, or damage caused by the installation and use of this application. It is advised that you create a System Restore Point before installing this applicaion.
  8. No alteration of the PGen 2 exe file or any of the accompaying files may be made without the authors permission, with the exception of files the user can alter through PGen 2 itself, (configuration files, logs etc).
  9. You may distribute PGen 2 as long as ALL the original accompanying files, including these Terms & Conditions are included in any distribution package, appropriate acknowledgement is made to the author (Rick mj) and a link is made to the PGen 2 web site (https://punishmentgenerator.com).
  10. 1You may distribute additional files as long as you own the right to do so and they do not contravene these Terms & Conditions or violate the laws of the state or country where you intend to distribute them.
  11. The author reserves the right to stop further development, remove PGen 2 from public access and/or close down the PGen2 web site without further notice.
  12. The author reserves the right to convert PGen2 from Freeware model to a Payment model.
  13. PGen2 transmits anonymous usage information to the PGen2 update server, this information does NOT contain names, IP addresses, email addresses or any information that can be used to identify any users of PGen2 or how the software has been configured by the user. The acceptance of this term is a condition for the use of PGen2. This information is required for the continued developement of PGen2.
  14. If you do not agree with ANY of the above terms & conditions or these terms & conditions contravene  the laws of your state or country, please be aware that you DO NOT have the copyright holders permission to install PGen2. if you do install this application in contravention of these terms and conditions you take any responsibility for any civil or legal action that may result as a consequence.
If you wish to contact the author about bug reports or suggestions for future developments then please post them on the PGen2 forum (https://punishmentgenerator.com/forum).
It's advisable to backup your machine and create a Restore Point before installing this application.
If you downloaded this software from the PGen website (http://punishmentgenerator.com) then it will be virus and malware free. However it is always best to run an anti-virus check before and after installing this software.