Download the PGen2 App for Windows

Please close any running copies of PGen2 before installing the new version of PGen2.
  1. There have been changes to the formatting of some of the configuration files.

  2. If you are installing over previous Versions you may encounter a few error messages, this is because your existing configuration and data file formats  differ from the new format. Simply dismiss the error messages until PGen2 loads, then load the “Settings” form, again dismissing any error messages until the “Settings” screen has loaded.Click the “Save” button, then close and reload PGen2, this will update your configuration and data files to the new format.

  3. The User's database has also got a new format, when upgrading from previous  versions of PGen2 the User's database will be reformatted, the data will be backed up and readjuted to the new format. No data will be deleted.

  4. It is strongly advised that you use the “Backup Users Data” button on the “Settings” form before upgrading PGen2.
It's advisable to backup your machine and create a Restore Point before installing this application.
If you downloaded this software from the PGen website (http://punishmentgenerator.com) then it will be virus and malware free. However it is always best to run an anti-virus check before and after installing this software.
Upgrading from versions prior to PGen2 Version
You must delete the PGen2 folder from your computer before installing the latest version of PGen2.
To find the PGen2 folder run PGen2, open the settings formand click on the "D" Button.
 If you have any prroblems please check out the Forum.
 Right click on"Download" and select "Save Link As".