PGen2 - The Punishment Generator

PGen2 is a Punishment Generator for adding a little extra fun to your spanking sessions.

PGen 2 uses a suite of applications and games to generate spankings including 2 card games.
1. “Lower or Higher” - 2 players play against the computer and have to guess whether their cards will be lower or higher than the computers’.
2. “Stripper” - this is a strip poker type game that also generates spankings.
Punishments can also be generated using three other applications:
1. “Instant Whack” - This application will generate a random punishment instantly that is designed to be administered immediately, the same application can also generate up to one hundred punishments that can be saved, printed out and/or emailed.
2. “PGen2” - Is based on the original PGen program and generates punishments using fruit machine style reels.
3. “Offenders” - This is “punishment book” style application that stores offences and punishments in a database and can increase punishment strokes based on previous offences. 
You can customise most aspects of PGen, including what dress the spankee wears for their punishment, what position you want them in, what implements to be used and the range strokes that can be randomly selected for your “spankee” to receive.Various types of sanctions are available. These include: Extra Strokes, Gamble Strokes, Corner Time, Timed Spanking and User Defined sanction. These can also be selected randomly by the computer.Any punishments not administered can be recorded and can be recalled later, these can also be printed out.Single punishments can be displayed onto  a Punishment Slip  which can be printed and emailed.Multiple users can be stored by PGen and randomly selected. Users fall into 3 categories, Top, Switch and Bottom.
PGen2 runs on Microsoft Windows; Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 an 11.
PGen2 is a Punishment Generator for adding a little extra fun to your spanking sessions.
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