PGen2 Version released

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PGen2 Version released

Post by admin » Thu May 24, 2018 12:44 am

PGen2 Version is now available for download from:-

Change Log Version
May 2018

Please Note:- There have been changes to the formatting of some of the configuration files.

When you install Version 1.2.1 over Version 1.2.0 or are installing PGen2 for the first time the installation should go smoothly. If you are installing over a version prior to version 1.2.0 you will probably get a lot of error messages, Keep dismissing the error messages until PGen2 loads. Load the “Settings” form, again dismissing the error messages until the “Settings” screen has loaded. Click the “Save” button, then close and reload PGen2. It is strongly advised that you use the “Backup Users Data” button on the “Settings”form before upgrading PGen2 to version 1.2.1. If you have any problems please detail them in the forum.

1. A new punishment option of “Thrashing” has now been added to the “Offenders” form.
2. The Punishment slip now shows the offence.
3. You can select one of four colours for the logo background on the Punishment Slip.
4. Sound has been added to the card games.
5. Numeric values can now be added to user's sanctions, either as a prefixor suffix.
6. Splashscreen can now be disabled from the Settings screen.
7. Pot luck selection now standardised in a visual random selector.
8. Clicking on a punishment on the “Manage Punishments” form now displays the selected punishment in a pop-up form.
9. Some help files updated.

Bug fixes:-
1. Fixed a bug in emailing Punishment Slips where "Invalid username format" error prevented the email being sent.
2. Fixed a bug where trying to change punishment items shows a message stating “At least 1 item must be selected”.
3. Added a check to ensure that the correct directory was restored when restoring users data from settings screen.
4. Fixed a bug where some settings wen’t loading when opening some forms.
5. Fixed a bug that created a divide by zero error on some forms
6. Other minor bug fixes.

Additional Features:-
None in this version