PGen 2 Change log
December 2017 Enhancements:- 1. Test/quiz module added. 2. Test/quiz editor added to Settings form. Bug fixes:- 1. Format checking added for email addresses. 2. Bugs removed in email address settings. 3. Bug removed where renaming profiles caused them to be listed out of order on the profile form. 4. Some help files updated, more help files will be updated with future PGen2 updates. 5. Minor changes to user interface on some forms. 6. Other minor bug fixes Additional Features 1. Added totals box under “Punishment Items” in the “Settings” form. 2 Added total box under the “Target Editor” in the “Settings” form. 3. Added the ability to upload the Main log to the sever. This is only to aid fault finding and will be deleted when no longer needed. 4. PGen2 can be installed and run on a removable drive or memory stick.
PGen2 The Punishment Generator