PGen 2 Change log
14 July 2017 Bug Fixes: Profile and Settings data now loads correctly. Profiles can now be loaded correctly. Database backups can now be cancelled. Database search issues fixed. Various other minor bugs and omissions corrected. 16 April 2017 Bug Fixes: Punishment slip now displays sanctions correctly. Punishment slip now displays strokes correctly. Forms will now show at their correct size. Fixed Main and Error logs visual indicator, not displaying properly. Slight formatting changes made to the Punishment Slip. Various other minor bugs and omissions corrected. Additional Features Offender's form now has a "Strokes" only option (no sanctions or presets). User Database form now gives the option of saving a database with a specific name. Saved Punishments can now be printed. You can now view the Main and Error Logs from the “Settings” form. The forum can now be accessed via the help form (Click the '?' button on any form to access the Help form).
PGen2 The Punishment Generator